English Premier League

We expect Liverpool to bounce back with a Premier League win this weekend. (Or else …)




Liverpool’s last 72 home matches in the Premier League.
56 wins, 12 draws, and successive 4 defeats.

The Premier League season kicked off with Liverpool projected as the favorites to win the league and defend their title as champions.

25 games later, they are in 6th place.
40 points, from 11 wins and 7 draws.
Conceded 34 goals, dropping 35 points, winning 44% of their league matches.





Liverpool have stayed on 40 points for four Premier League rounds.

Not many would have expected that with six of their last 8 league matches were scheduled to be played at Anfield, Liverpool will go on the run they’ve been on. They’ve lost four successive league games, and have managed to do what has been the unthinkable; losing four straight home games.

  • They’ve piled up the injury list.
  • Dropped points against traditional rival Manchester United
  • Lost their first league game at home against Burnley; breaking a 68-match unbeaten run in the league at Anfield.
  • Went on the road and picked up a couple wins. The most prominent coming against Tottenham.
  • Returned to Anfield to lose against Brighton.
  • Then lost the plot at home against Manchester City. (considered the title decider).
  • And their most recent disappointment, a defeat in the Merseyside derby. – The last time Everton had won at Anfield was on September 27, 1999. It was also a 2-0 victory. Between those two league wins was one at ‘Goodison Park’ on October 17, 2010.
    It was also a 2-0 win for Everton. It was the last time Everton had won a Merseyside derby until now.




Six of their last 8 league games have been at home, yet all their wins have been away.


Jan 17 : Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United (DRAW)
Jan 21 : Liverpool 0-1 Burnley (LOSS)

Jan 28 : Tottenham 1-3 Liverpool (WIN)
Jan 31 : West Ham 1-3 Liverpool (WIN)

Feb 3 : Liverpool 0-1 Brighton (LOSS)
Feb 7 : Liverpool 1-4 Manchester City (LOSS)
Feb 13 : Leicester City 3-1 Liverpool (LOSS)
Feb 20 : Liverpool 0-2 Everton (LOSS)



Next up for Liverpool is bottom table Sheffield United. We can expect a win; or else there will only be bigger headlines.

February 28, 2021

An opportunity for Liverpool to put an end to four successive league defeats. Bottom table Sheffield United will be Liverpool’s next opposition. The expectation is that Liverpool will bounce back from the Merseyside defeat and gather the three points.

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