World Cup Qualifications

The opening rounds of the UEFA World Cup qualifiers




Portugal and Serbia lead Group A after both playing 3 games.
Azerbaijan and Rep. of Ireland are without wins from two matches played. They sit at the bottom of the Group.
Serbia played two and won one.

Spain leads Group B.
Sweden are a point behind but are with a perfect record after winning both of their games.
Kosovo is 5th at the bottom.

Italy are perfect and top of Group C with wins from all three played.
Switzerland are second with wins from all two games.
Lithuania are bottom of Group C with no points from two games.

France are 4 points clear in Group D despite not winning all of their matches.
France was the only team to win Group D.

Belgium are top of Group E.
Estonia is pointless at the bottom.

Denmark takes the top spot in Group F, while Faroe Island and Moldova are bottom with a point each.

It’s a tight race in Group G, but Turkey is top of the Group by a point.
Netherlands, Montenegro, and Norway are all on a point behind Turkey.

Croatia and Russia are tied in points at the top of the table in Group H. Slovakia is a point behind the two.

A perfect England leads Group I.




Portugal won their first match through an own goal against Azerbaijan. They followed that with a 2-2 draw with Serbia before a 3-1 win against Luxembourg.
Serbia stayed unbeaten in the three games they played; a draw with Portugal was sandwiched by a 3-2 win over Ireland and a 2-1 win at Azerbaijan.
Ireland played two games and lost by a goal in each of them.
Luxembourg followed up a win against Ireland with a defeat against Portugal.
Azerbaijan gave out wins to their opponents. They lost by a goal to Portugal and Serbia.


A narrow escape against Georgia but Spain ended the round with two wins after opening the round of games with a 1-1 draw with Greece.
Sweden kept is perfect with wins in all their opening two games; and they did it without conceding a goal.
Greece played out a 1-1 draw in both of the qualifiers.
A point from ‘1-1’ with Greece is what saved Georgina from losing all of their opening three qualifiers.
Kosovo played two and lost both while conceding three goals in each.


Italy won all their games by a 2-0 score. They beat Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania.
Just like Italy, Switzerland kicked off their qualifiers with three wins.
Northern Ireland lost one and drew the other.
Bulgaria picked up a point from a goalless draw with Northern Ireland after losing both of the opening matches.
Lithuania kicked off the round with defeat in both of their qualifiers.


France kicked off their qualifiers with a draw at home to Ukraine. The followed that with a win away against Kazakhstan and a narrow win against Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Ukraine went through their qualifiers without defeat; and without a win. All of their games ended in 1-1 draws.
Finland also played out draws in both matches. A 2-2 draw with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a 1-1 draw with Ukraine.
Bosnia and Herzegovina played two games and won none; a draw with Finland and a defeat to France.
Kazakhstan ended the round with a draw against Ukraine, but lost their other game to France.


Belgium came from a goal down to do the expected and win 3-1 against Wales, dropped points to Czech Republic, and then ended the round with a 8-0 win over Belarus.
Wales played two games; losing 3-1 to Belgium and winning against Czech Republic.
Tomas Soucek scored a hatrick for Czech Rep. to leave Estonia with a 6-2 win. Soucek’s goals were the winning goals. That win was followed by a draw with Belgium (decent), and a defeat to Wales.
Belarus found a win from Estonia but ended in tha 8-0 thrashing at the hands of Belgium.
Estonia scored two in both of their matches played but ended on the losing side of the final score line in both.


Three games, three wins for Denmark. A 2-0 win against Israel, a whopping 8-0 win against Moldova, and a 4-0 win against Austria. Moldova lost two of their three games and picked up a draw against Faroe Islands.
Faroe Islands had an identical results with Moldova over the three games played. Austria picked up a point from Scotland and dropped all points against Denmark. Their only win came against Faroe Islands.
After losing to Denmark and getting a draw with Scotland, Israel managed a win against Moldova.
After draws with Austria and Israel, Scotland picked up a win in last game from Faroe Islands.
Israel made progress in each qualifying match. They started with defeat against Denmark, a draw with Scotland, and ended with a win against Moldova.
Dani Olmo’s injury time winning strike saved Spain from dropping two points against Georgia. Spain had to come from behind to get a 2-1 win and three points on the road.
Sweden were 3-0 winners against Kosovo. Zlatan Ibrahimović was not on the score sheet but was instrumental to the win.

Netherlands made up for their opening round defeat to Turkey with (expected) wins against Latvia and Gibraltar.
Turkey had a strong start; a win against Netherlands and another against Norway. Surprisingly, they ended with a draw against Latvia.
The Netherlands were disappointing in the opening half and went on to lose 4-2 at Turkey. Burak Yilmaz’s first half brace put Turkey on the path to success, he scored the final goal of the match from a freekick to give Turkey a comfortable end to the match.
The Norwegian youth took apart Gibraltar as we expected; and followed that with a defeat to Turkey before bouncing back against Montenegro.
Stevan Jovetic found the goals to get Montenegro from a goal down to a win at Latvia.
Gibraltar suffered defeat in all three games they played with an aggregate score of ‘1-14’.


Slovakia are held to a goalless draw in Cyprus.
Slovakia beat Russia to end a run of consecutive draws.
Losing the last match of the opening rounds denied Russia from completing three wins from three.
Slovenia followed up a win against Croatia with defeats to Russia and Cyprus.
Cyprus ended with a win against Slovenia.
Malta sandwiched a 2-2 draw with Slovakia in defeats against Russia and Croatia.


England kicked off their qualifiers by winning all their opening three matches. They didn’t concede a goal till their last game of the round; a 2-1 win against Poland.
Poland sandwiched a win against Andorra between a 3-3 draw against Hungary and a defeat to Poland.
Hungary got the draw against Poland and followed that with wins against San Marino and Andorra.
Albania lost to England (as expected) but picked up the points where it was possible (against Andorra and San Marino).
Both San Marino and Andorra were on the losing end of all of their three matches played.


Germany ended the round on a bad note. A home defeat to North Macedonia made everyone forget about the two victories they had before that.
Romania won their match against North Macedonia, but lost the remaining games; including a 3-2 defeat to Armenia.
Iceland ended the round with a 4-1 win against Liechtenstein, after opening their qualifiers with two defeats.
North Macedonia ended strong after opening their qualifiers with a defeat to Romania. They picked up a 5-0 win against Liechtenstein and followed it up with the shocker of the round by beating Germany away from home.
Armenia kicked off the round with wins in all of their opening three matches.
Liechtenstein did the opposite of what Armenia did by losing their opening three matches.

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