Women’s Football at the 2020 Summer Olympics: The final four teams contest for the a place on the podium.

FOOTBALL at the 2020 (2021) Summer Olympics


Brazil, Great Britain, and the Netherlands end their tournament with Japan.
Sweden is still in the competition to grab the Gold medal on the back of a Silver medal from the last tournament.

CANADA 0-0 Brazil
Canada wins 4-3 on penalties.

Great Britain 3-4 Australia
Australia won after extra time.

Sweden 3- 1 Japan

Netherlands 2- 2 USA
USA wins 4- 2 on penalties


Canada and Brazil went through regulation time and through extra time without scoring a goal.
We got the contest we expected.
Canada missed their first penalty but spotless in the remaining four. Brazil scored their opening three and then missed the final two

Sweden ended Japan’s tournament after winning the second half 2- 0.

Ellen White scored a hattrick but it was not enough to get Great Britain
the victory against Australia.
Australia got the better portion of the seven goals scored to eliminate Great Britain
from the tournament.

USA made themselves a strong contender after eliminating Netherlands on penalties:
after playing out a 2-2 draw.
Vivianne Miedema added two goals to her tally before exiting the tournament with Netherlands.
Despite being the top scorer in the tournament, Vivianne Miedema missed Netherlands first kick
in the penalty kickoffs. USWNT made no errors with their penalties.

All the teams that advanced from Group G are still contending for a medal.


6 GOALS : Ellen White’s (Great Britain) hattrick allowed her to equal the goals scored by Barbra Banda [Zambia]
10 GOALS : Vivianne Miedema (Netherlands) took her goal tally to 10 goals. Unfortunately, Great Britain, Zambia, and Netherlands are out. 


August 2, 2021
USA vs Canada
Australia vs Sweden

Since 1996, USA have dominated the competition. They’ve been on the podium in five of the last six, being Silver medalist in one and winning the Gold medal in the other four.

USA were GOLD medalist in 1996, 2004, 2008, and in 2012. Will they add 2020(21) to the list?

Canada has been Bronze medalist in the last two editions of the competition. If they don’t get past the USA in the next round they will be looking at making it three consecutive BRONZE medals to equal Germany. (Except the Germans have won a Gold medal).

Australia is making history here.
They have a chance of making it to the podium; something they were not able to do even when they hosted in 2000.
Australia has to go through Sweden for a shot at the Gold medal and the Swedes are not giving us any sign of weakness.

Sweden are looking to do something USA did after Australia 2000; win the Gold medal after finishing as Silver medalist.


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