Premier League gets the restart for Liverpool to finally win the the league title.

French Ligue 1 might end up being the only league in the top 5 that failed to complete their scheduled fixtures for the 2019/20 season.
The German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga have restarted their season.

The English Premier League returns on June 17, 2020
The Italian Serie A returns on June 20, 2020

In the Premier League 27 points left on the table for each team. Liverpool lead at the top of the standings by a massive 25 points. …

Liverpool are minutes away for their first Premier League title and Manchester City can reduce Liverpool’s lead to 22 points at best.

June 17, 2020 will be the return of the 2019/20 English Premier League, and Arsenal, Aston Villa, Manchester City, and Sheffield United will take that day to make up of their outstanding matches to get every team in the league to 29 matches played.

June 19, 2020 will restart with the teams even on matches played.

The 6 teams that are between 40 – 50 points are currently the main contenders in the race for the final ticket to the UEFA Champions League for the coming season.

From the three teams that are currently occupying the top four, Leicester City will be the most likely to open the qualifications slots to 2.

An Arsenal win against Manchester City and Sheffield United’s defeat will have 3 teams on 43 points; 5 points from the ‘top4’.

Current League Standings

1. Liverpool – 82 points
2. Manchester City – 57 points
3. Leicester City – 53 points
4. Chelsea – 48 points

5. Manchester United – 45 points
6. Wolves – 43 points
7. Sheffield United – 43 points
8. Tottenham – 41 points
9. Arsenal – 40 points
10. Burnley – 39 points
11. Crystal Palace – 39 points
12. Everton – 37 points
13. Newcastle United – 35 points
14. Southampton – 34 points
15. Brighton – 29 points
16. West Ham United – 27 points
17. Watford – 27 points

18. Bournemouth – 27 points
19. Aston Villa – 25 points
20. Norwich City – 21 points

Aston Villa will host their Sheffield United.
Both teams have promotion in common but their objectives are different. Sheffield United have been the best of the newly-promoted sides and are in place for European football in the coming season. Champions League football is a possibility of a Sheffield United side that would be 5th in the league with a win at Aston Villa.
For Aston Villa, a win against Sheffield United will get them out of the relegation-zone.

Manchester City are the only reason Liverpool isn’t champions.
It hasn’t been the season many expected for Manchester City but finishing below 2nd in the league will be seen as a massive failure.

Will Arsenal go to the Etihad Stadium and do Liverpool a favor they don’t really need?
After getting knocked out of the Europa League by Olympiacos, Arsenal’s only way to Champions League football in the coming season is to qualify from the league. They are a point above the middle of the table and will need the maximum points against Manchester City to help with their objectives.

The most active members of the relegation battles.

Aston Villa
Norwich City
West Ham United

Outstanding Fixtures

June 17, 2020
Aston Villa vs Sheffield United
Manchester City vs Arsenal



The Fixtures – Round 30
June 19, 2020
Norwich vs Southampton
Tottenham vs Manchester United

June 20, 2020
Watford vs Leicester City
Brighton vs Arsenal
West Ham vs Wolves
Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace

June 21, 2020
Newcastle vs Sheffield United
Aston Villa vs Chelsea
Everton vs Liverpool

June 22, 2020
Manchester City vs Burnley



Leading Scorers

Jamie Vardy (Leicester City) – 19 goals
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 17 goals
Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) – 16 goals
Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 16 goals
Danny Ings (Southampton) – 15 goals

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