Club Performance Index: MGSVfutbol Gold List Rank – Clubs from UEFA’s top seven leagues.


Paris St. Germain is top of the ranking with 152 points accumulated.
Manchester City is second on the list at 30.14 points behind Paris St. Germain.
Real Madrid follows in third. They have a perfect record in the Spanish La Liga.
Arsenal is top of the Premier League table but comes in at 5th with 93.57 points.
Barcelona is 4th and the last team on the list with over 100 points accumulated.

The two Spanish giants (Real Madrid and Barcelona) made the top 5.

Lorient and Union Berlin look like intruders in the top 10 but they earned the right to be there.
Union Berlin (10th) is the only German Bundesliga team in the top 10 they tallied the same amount of points as Napoli (Italian Serie A). Napoli is the best-ranked club from the Italian Serie A.

Porto (40th) is the lowest ranked of the seven defending champions.
Bayern Munich is surprisingly sitting outside of the ‘top 10’ in 13th. Ajax comes in at 19th. Fulham (37th) is the best performer of the newly-promoted clubs.
Cremonese (124th) is the worst performer of the newly promoted clubs.


Arsenal, Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, and Real Betis have dropped fewer points (3 each) in the league than Atalanta AZ Alkmaar, Lens, Manchester City, Marseille, Napoli, Tottenham, and Union Berlin (4 each).


HIGHEST RANKED CLUBS from each league. 

1| Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1)
2| Manchester City (English Premier League)
3| Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga)
9| PSV Eindhoven (Dutch Eredivisie)
10| Union Berlin (German Bundesliga)
10| Napoli (Italian Serie A)
16| Braga (Portuguese Primeira Liga)



1| Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1)
2| Manchester City (English Premier League)
3| Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga)
13| Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga)
19| Ajax (Dutch Eredivisie)
24| AC Milan (Italian Serie A)
40| Porto (Portuguese Primeira Liga)



37| Fulham (English Premier League)
43| Werder Bremen (German Bundesliga)
66| Toulouse (French Ligue 1)
68| Casa Pia (Portuguese Primeira Liga)
71| Girona (Spanish La Liga)
78| Bournemouth (English Premier League)
81| Auxerre (French Ligue 1)
84| Schalke (German Bundesliga)
89| Excelsior (Dutch Eredivisie)
100| Lecce (Italian Serie A)
105| Rio Ave (Portuguese Primeira Liga)
109| Nottingham Forest (English Premier League)
110| Chaves (Portuguese Primeira Liga)
116| Volendam (Dutch Eredivisie)
117| Almería (Spanish La Liga)
119| Monza (Italian Serie A)
120| Valladolid (Spanish La Liga)
121| Ajaccio (French Ligue 1)
123| Emmen (Dutch Eredivisie)
124| Cremonese (Italian Serie A)



The Clubs with the most POINTS PER GAME

Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga) – 3.00 points
Benfica (Portuguese Primeira Liga) 3.00 points
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) 2.75 points
Braga (Portuguese Primeira Liga) 2.71 points
Barcelona (Spanish La Liga) 2.67 points
Arsenal (English Premier League) 2.57 points
PSV Eindhoven (Dutch Eredivisie) 2.57 points
Ajax (Dutch Eredivisie) 2.57 points
Real Betis (Spanish La Liga) 2.50 points
Marseille (French Ligue 1) 2.50 points


The clubs with the fewest POINTS PER GAME

Marítimo (Portuguese Primeira Liga) 0.00 points
Leicester City (English Premier League) 0.14 points
Bochum (German Bundesliga) 0.14 points
Paços de Ferreira (Portuguese Primeira Liga) 0.14 points
Elche (Spanish La Liga) 0.17 points
Cremonese (Italian Serie A) 0.29 points
Sampdoria (Italian Serie A) 0.29 points
Cádiz (Spanish La Liga) 0.50 points
Ajaccio (French Ligue 1) 0.50 points


The clubs with the highest PERCENT OF LEAGUE GAMES WON

Real Madrid (Spanish La Lige) – 100.00%
Benfica (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 100.00%
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) – 87.50%
Arsenal (English Premier League) – 85.71%
PSV Eindhoven (Dutch Eredivisie) – 85.71%
Ajax (Dutch Eredivisie) – 85.71%
Braga (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 85.71%
Barcelona (Spanish La Liga) – 83.33%
Real Betis (Spanish La Liga) – 83.33%
Marseille (French Ligue 1) – 75.00%
Lorient (French Ligue 1) – 75.00%


The clubs with the lowest PERCENT OF LEAGUE GAMES WON. (NO WINS)

Leicester City (English Premier League) – 0.00%
Stuttgart (German Bundesliga) – 0.00%
Bochum (German Bundesliga) – 0.00%
Elche (Spanish La Liga) – 0.00%
Cremonese (Italian Serie A) – 0.00%
Sampdoria (Italian Serie A) – 0.00%
Strasbourg (French Ligue 1) – 0.00%
Paços de Ferreira (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0.00%
Marítimo (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0.00%


The clubs with the most LEAGUE POINTS DROPPED

Marítimo (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 21 points
Leicester City (English Premier League) – 20 points
Bochum (German Bundesliga) – 20 points
Ajaccio (French Ligue 1) – 20 points
Paços de Ferreira (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 20 points
Cremonese (Italian Serie A) – 19 points
Sampdoria (Italian Serie A) – 19 points
Strasbourg (French Ligue 1) – 19 points
Brest (French Ligue 1) – 19 points
Reims (French Ligue 1) – 18 points


The clubs with the fewest LEAGUE POINTS DROPPED

Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga) – 0 points
Benfica (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0 points
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) – 2 points
Braga (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 2 points
Barcelona (Spanish La Liga) – 2 points
Arsenal (English Premier League) – 3 points
Real Betis (Spanish La Liga) – 3 points
PSV Eindhoven (Dutch Eredivisie) – 3 points
Ajax (Dutch Eredivisie) – 3 points




PSV Eindhoven (Dutch Eredivisie) – 4.00 goals
Manchester City (English Premier League) – 3.29 goals
Braga (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 3.29 goals
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) – 3.25 goals
Ajax (Dutch Eredivisie) – 3.14 goals
Barcelona (Spanish La Liga) – 3.00 goals
Feyenoord (Dutch Eredivisie) – 2.86 goals
Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga) – 2.83 goals
Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga) – 2.71 goals
Benfica (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 2.71 goals



Famalicão (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0.14 goals
Cádiz (Spanish La Liga) – 0.17 goals
Elche (Spanish La Liga) – 0.33 goals
Wolves (English Premier League) – 0.43 goals
West Ham United (English Premier League) – 0.43 goals
Valladolid (Spanish La Liga) – 0.50 goals
Ajaccio (French Ligue 1) – 0.50 goals
Monza (Italian Serie A) – 0.57 goals
Sampdoria (Italian Serie A) – 0.57 goals
Marítimo (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0.57 goals


The clubs with the most LEAGUE GOALS SCORED

PSV Eindhoven (Dutch Eredivisie) – 28 goals
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) – 26 goals
Manchester City (English Premier League) – 23 goals
Braga (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 23 goals
Ajax (Dutch Eredivisie) – 22 goals
Feyenoord (Dutch Eredivisie) – 20 goals
Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga) – 19 goals
Montpellier (French Ligue 1) – 19 goals
Benfica (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 19 goals
Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League) – 18 goals



The clubs with the fewest LEAGUE GOALS SCORED

Cádiz (Spanish La Liga) – 1 goals
Famalicão (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 1 goals
Elche (Spanish La Liga) – 2 goals
Wolves (English Premier League) – 3 goals
West Ham United (English Premier League) – 3 goals
Valladolid (Spanish La Liga) – 3 goals
Almería (Spanish La Liga) – 4 goals
Monza (Italian Serie A) – 4 goals
Sampdoria (Italian Serie A) – 4 goals
Ajaccio (French Ligue 1) – 4 goals
Marítimo (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 4 goals


The clubs with the highest PERCENT OF LEAGUE GAMES IN DEFEAT.

Marítimo (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 100.00%
Leicester City (English Premier League) – 85.71%
Bochum (German Bundesliga) – 85.71%
Paços de Ferreira (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 85.71%
Cádiz (Spanish La Liga) – 83.33%
Elche (Spanish La Liga) – 83.33%
Ajaccio (French Ligue 1) – 75.00%
West Ham United (English Premier League) – 71.43%
Nottingham Forest (English Premier League) – 71.43%
Monza (Italian Serie A) – 71.43%
Cremonese (Italian Serie A) – 71.43%
Sampdoria (Italian Serie A) – 71.43%
Go Ahead Eagles (Dutch Eredivisie) – 71.43%
Fortuna Sittard (Dutch Eredivisie) – 71.43%
Cambuur (Dutch Eredivisie) – 71.43%
Emmen (Dutch Eredivisie) – 71.43%
Famalicão (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 71.43%





Manchester City (English Premier League) – 0.00%
Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League) – 0.00%
Union Berlin (German Bundesliga) – 0.00%
Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga) – 0.00%
Barcelona (Spanish La Liga) – 0.00%
Napoli (Italian Serie A) – 0.00%
Atalanta (Italian Serie A) – 0.00%
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) – 0.00%
Marseille (French Ligue 1) – 0.00%
Lens (French Ligue 1) – 0.00%
AZ Alkmaar (Dutch Eredivisie) – 0.00%
Benfica (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0.00%
Braga (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0.00%



Leicester City (English Premier League) – 3.14 goals
Marítimo (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 3.14 goals
Volendam (Dutch Eredivisie) – 3.00 goals
Bournemouth (English Premier League) – 2.71 goals
Bochum (German Bundesliga) – 2.71 goals
Elche (Spanish La Liga) – 2.67 goals
Excelsior (Dutch Eredivisie) – 2.57 goals
Emmen (Dutch Eredivisie) – 2.57 goals
Nottingham Forest (English Premier League) – 2.43 goals
Fortuna Sittard (Dutch Eredivisie) – 2.43 goals



Barcelona (Spanish La Liga) – 0.17 goals
Villarreal (Spanish La Liga) – 0.33 goals
Casa Pia (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0.43 goals
Benfica (Portuguese Primeira Liga) – 0.43 goals
Atalanta (Italian Serie A) – 0.43 goals
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) – 0.50 goals
Union Berlin (German Bundesliga) – 0.57 goals
Marseille (French Ligue 1) – 0.63 goals
Athletic Club (Spanish La Liga) – 0.67 goals
Real Betis (Spanish La Liga) – 0.67 goals






TeamLeagueDefensive IndexAttacking IndexGL Points
1Paris St. GermainFrench Ligue 11.382.84152
2Manchester CityEnglish Premier League2.082.35121.86
3Real MadridSpanish La Liga1.832.83108.17
4BarcelonaSpanish La Liga0.472.5101.67
5ArsenalEnglish Premier League1.432.0893.57
6Tottenham HotspurEnglish Premier League1.571.8492.57
7MarseilleFrench Ligue 10.861.588
8LorientFrench Ligue 10.941.5987.25
9PSV EindhovenDutch Eredivisie3.673.4382.14
10Union BerlinGerman Bundesliga0.91.5378.43
10NapoliItalian Serie A1.021.5378.43
12LensFrench Ligue 10.981.2577.5
13Bayern MunichGerman Bundesliga1.591.1675.14
14UdineseItalian Serie A1.141.5373.71
15MontpellierFrench Ligue 10.941.1967.13
16BragaPortuguese Primeira Liga1.842.8266.57
17AtalantaItalian Serie A0.491.1263.57
18BenficaPortuguese Primeira Liga0.982.7160.79
19AjaxDutch Eredivisie1.732.6960.71
20Real BetisSpanish La Liga0.671.3959.17
21LyonFrench Ligue 10.94157.13
21LilleFrench Ligue 10157.13
23Athletic ClubSpanish La Liga0.891.3356.17
24LazioItalian Serie A0.821.0656.14
24AC MilanItalian Serie A0.821.0656.14
26LiverpoolEnglish Premier League1.50.8353
27BrightonEnglish Premier League0.831.2252.33
28MonacoFrench Ligue 10.190.8149.63
29FeyenoordDutch Eredivisie2.022.0449.36
30Borussia DortmundGerman Bundesliga0.290.9248.71
30HoffenheimGerman Bundesliga0.710.9848.71
30Inter MilanItalian Serie A0.451.0648.71
33Eintracht FrankfurtGerman Bundesliga0.270.8648.29
34FreiburgGerman Bundesliga0.510.8246.29
35BrentfordEnglish Premier League0.730.6145.71
36RennesFrench Ligue 10.750.6645.5
37FulhamEnglish Premier League0.220.7340.86
38TroyesFrench Ligue 1-0.50.6640
39VillarrealSpanish La Liga0.440.8339.83
40PortoPortuguese Primeira Liga1.121.6339.07
41Manchester UnitedEnglish Premier League00.8938.67
42MonchengladbachGerman Bundesliga0.510.6137.86
43Werder BremenGerman Bundesliga0.240.5337.71
44RomaItalian Serie A0.140.6537.29
45Atlético MadridSpanish La Liga0.670.8336.33
46OsasunaSpanish La Liga0.280.7836.17
47AZ AlkmaarDutch Eredivisie0.821.3335.21
48FC KolnGerman Bundesliga0.490.4533.57
49ValenciaSpanish La Liga0.690.8333.17
50ChelseaEnglish Premier League-0.250.6730.33
51Leeds UnitedEnglish Premier League00.5629.33
52JuventusItalian Serie A0.410.3727.86
53Real SociedadSpanish La Liga-0.220.5827.83
54MainzGerman Bundesliga-0.610.4327.29
55ClermontFrench Ligue 1-0.810.4225.63
56TwenteDutch Eredivisie0.710.9824.36
57PortimonensePortuguese Primeira Liga0.240.8223.14
57BoavistaPortuguese Primeira Liga00.8223.14
59RKC WaalwijkDutch Eredivisie1.020.6122.86
60RB LeipzigGerman Bundesliga-0.730.3722.71
61TorinoItalian Serie A-0.140.3722.43
62SalernitanaItalian Serie A0.330.222.29
63Celta VigoSpanish La Liga-1.810.4420.83
64Sporting CPPortuguese Primeira Liga0.610.820.71
65FiorentinaItalian Serie A0.120.2920.57
66ToulouseFrench Ligue 1-0.810.2820.13
66AngersFrench Ligue 1-2.530.2820.13
68Casa PiaPortuguese Primeira Liga0.240.5719.5
69Newcastle UnitedEnglish Premier League0.140.1619.29
70MallorcaSpanish La Liga-0.190.3318.67
71GironaSpanish La Liga00.3918.33
71Rayo VallecanoSpanish La Liga-0.220.3918.33
73AugsburgGerman Bundesliga-1.020.3118.14
73SpeziaItalian Serie A-0.90.2918.14
75ReimsFrench Ligue 1-1.860.1618
76SassuoloItalian Serie A-0.490.217.14
77SC HeerenveenDutch Eredivisie0.140.4916.36
78BournemouthEnglish Premier League-5.040.2416.29
79GetafeSpanish La Liga-20.3316.17
80LeverkusenGerman Bundesliga-0.730.1816.14
81AuxerreFrench Ligue 1-3.270.2516.13
82SouthamptonEnglish Premier League-0.90.2916
83EstorilPortuguese Primeira Liga0.370.5515.93
84SchalkeGerman Bundesliga-1.710.1615.29
85Crystal PalaceEnglish Premier League-0.50.1915.17
86NantesFrench Ligue 1-0.520.1315.13
87Leicester CityEnglish Premier League-5.39014.43
87Sparta RotterdamDutch Eredivisie0.160.5514.43
87ExcelsiorDutch Eredivisie-2.940.6114.43
90Aston VillaEnglish Premier League-0.820.2414.14
91SevillaSpanish La Liga-1.220.1913.33
92Hertha BerlinGerman Bundesliga-0.370.1413.14
92EmpoliItalian Serie A-0.140.1213.14
92BolognaItalian Serie A-0.610.1413.14
95NiceFrench Ligue 1-0.560.1613.13
96UtrechtDutch Eredivisie-0.20.3712.57
97BrestFrench Ligue 1-2.810.1312.13
98EspanyolSpanish La Liga-1.670.1911.83
99EvertonEnglish Premier League-
100LecceItalian Serie A-0.330.1211.29
101Vitória de GuimarãesPortuguese Primeira Liga00.3711.21
102Go Ahead EaglesDutch Eredivisie-1.530.4110.71
103StuttgartGerman Bundesliga-0.61010.57
104Gil VicentePortuguese Primeira Liga-0.160.2910.29
105Rio AvePortuguese Primeira Liga-
106Hellas VeronaItalian Serie A-1.860.129.71
107GroningenDutch Eredivisie-
108NECDutch Eredivisie0.20.148.57
109Nottingham ForestEnglish Premier League-3.820.128.43
110ChavesPortuguese Primeira Liga-0.330.248.14
110AroucaPortuguese Primeira Liga-2.760.248.14
110WolfsburgGerman Bundesliga-1.710.18.14
113StrasbourgFrench Ligue 1-0.4207.63
114Fortuna SittardDutch Eredivisie-2.780.187.43
115WolvesEnglish Premier League-0.570.067.43
116VolendamDutch Eredivisie-5.570.166.86
117AlmeríaSpanish La Liga-0.580.116.33
118VitesseDutch Eredivisie-2.940.145.79
119MonzaItalian Serie A-2.860.085.57
120ValladolidSpanish La Liga-2.440.085.17
121AjaccioFrench Ligue 1-1.20.065
122West Ham UnitedEnglish Premier League-
123EmmenDutch Eredivisie-4.410.124.21
124CremoneseItalian Serie A-2.5704.14
125VizelaPortuguese Primeira Liga-0.730.14.07
125Santa ClaraPortuguese Primeira Liga-0.490.14.07
127BochumGerman Bundesliga-5.4303.71
128CambuurDutch Eredivisie-2.570.13.43
129SampdoriaItalian Serie A-2.3902.86
130CádizSpanish La Liga-
131Paços de FerreiraPortuguese Primeira Liga-3.0601.86
132FamalicãoPortuguese Primeira Liga-
133MarítimoPortuguese Primeira Liga-8.0801.14
134ElcheSpanish La Liga-6.2200.83
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