This is exactly what you can’t afford to miss this weekend.

Take a look at your planner and make room if needed. You can make it to the next event. Cancel any plans that will stop you from making your weekend more special by watching these matches.


This Weekend’s Top Fixtures.

A relegation battle amongst the bottom four teams in the league standings of  French Ligue 1.

There is still life for all the teams in the relegation zone of the French Ligue 1 standings. Victory is required for a revival for all four teams.  

With two matches left to complete the 2016/17 French Ligue 1 season, SC Bastia is sitting at the bottom of the league table with 31 points, Nancy above them with 32 points, Dijon in the relegation play-off spot with 33 points and Lorient right above the drop zone with 35 points.


Bastia – Lorient (French Ligue 1)

May 14, 2017

Bottom table Bastia could make things interesting if they can grab a victory at home against relegation-threatened Lorient.  Victory for Bastia will see them move to a point away from the total points accumulated by Lorient. And with the right score line, Bastia can see erase the goal difference advantage that Lorient has over them as well.

The objective for Lorient is to secure a victory from this fixture. A victory that should wipe away the threat of relegation.


Dijon – Nancy (French Ligue 1)

May 14, 2017

Dijon is aware that getting victories in combination with the possibility of Lorient failing to secure maximum points in their final two matches will see them trade places in the league standings. Trading places would take Dijon out of the relegation play-offs position.

On the other hand, relegation-zoned Nancy will be willing to make a trade in position with Dijon. An away victory for Nancy will guarantee this switch as they head to the final day of the season.


Potential league title deciders

These matches could give us the title winners in the Premier League, the French Ligue 1, and the Italian Serie A.  

West Bromwich Albion – Chelsea (Premier League)

May 12, 2017

A win in this fixture will wrap up the season and secure the Premier League title for Antonio Conte and his Chelsea side.  


Monaco – Lille (French Ligue 1)

May 14, 2017


Monaco would dethrone Paris Saint-Germain if they can take the maximum points from this fixture. A victory here and any point in their match in hand against Saint-Etienne on Wednesday will seal the title for Monaco

Unless Paris Saint-Germain can make up the 18 goal difference between the two sides,  Monaco will take the French Ligue 1 title with a victory at home over Lille; that is if Monaco suffers defeat to Saint-Etienne after securing victory in this fixture. 


Roma – Juventus (Italian Serie A)

May 14, 2017


Avoiding a defeat is all Juventus will need to do in order to wrap the season up and pick up their 6th consecutive Serie A title.

The end of the 2016/17 Italian Serie A season could be mouthwatering with a victory for Roma. With a victory at home, Roma can cut Juventus lead at the top of the standings to four points with two matches (6 points) left in the season.

Juventus has in their schedule a Coppa Italia final against another team from Rome; Lazio before facing relegation-threatened Crotone for their next league match.

Will Juventus compact schedule towards the end of the season play a role in the final lap of the 2016/17 Italian Serie A title race?

There is little doubt that Juventus will fail to handle the pressure but when there is the possibility for upsets, football knows how to deliver.


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