The Sixth Round of the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers.

The UEFA World Cup Qualifiers – Round 6.


European nations will be doing their best to contest for a ticket to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the coming weekend. We are into the second half of the UEFA qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  With the exception of Netherlands (2010 World Cup finalist), things are going as predicted in most of the groups. The favorite teams haven’t disappointed in their respective groups.


The 9 group winner qualifies for the World Cup. The best 8 second-placed teams from the group stage will go into playoff battle for the final 4 spots for UEFA World Cup seed.


9 June 2017

Group A

France will pull away from the group if they can manage an away victory against their closest competition in the group, Sweden.

Netherlands can afford to drop points against a Luxembourg team that is yet to register a victory in the group.


Belarus – Bulgaria

Netherlands – Luxembourg

Sweden – France


Group B

There is an expectation for both Switzerland and Portugal will both get an away victory to keep their place in the group unthreatened.


Andorra –  Hungary

The Faroe Islands – Switzerland

Latvia – Portugal


Group H

Belgium is expected to take maximum points at Estonia, while Bosnia and Herzegovina will be challenging Greece for second place.



Bosnia and Herzegovina – Greece

Estonia – Belgium

Gibraltar – Cyprus



10 June 2017

Group C


The expectation is that Germany will pull further away from the rest of the group after thrashing San Marino to entertain the home fans.



Azerbaijan – Northern Ireland

Germany – San Marino

Norway –  Czech Republic


Group E

With the home support backing them, we see Poland running away with a victory that will at very least maintain the 6-point gap they are enjoying at the top of the group.



Kazakhstan – Denmark

Montenegro –  Armenia

Poland – Romania


Group F


Scotland could make this group interesting if they can deliver England their first defeat in the group. It will even be more interesting should Lithuania manage to get a home victory over Slovakia.



Scotland – England

Slovenia –  Malta

Lithuania – Slovakia




11 June 2017
Group D

Wales is not living up to expectations but a victory against Serbia will put them back on the right track.  It will be a beautiful ‘traffic jam’ at the top of the standings if Austra can find an away victory against Ireland while Wales get the same against Serbia.


Moldova – Georgia

Republic of Ireland – Austria

Serbia – Wales


Group G

World Cup winners acting like one. The fight for direct qualification to the FIFA World Cup – Spain and Italy are both expected to come out of this round with victories.



Israel – Albania

Italy – Liechtenstein

Macedonia – Spain


Group I


Croatia has insurance in goals scored, while Iceland is stuck tricky place. A victory at home would allow Iceland to tie Croatia in points. Failing to secure maximum points in this match for Iceland could mean a drop in position if Ukraine and/or Turkey comes up with a victory in their respective matches.



Finland – Ukraine

Iceland –  Croatia

Kosovo – Turkey



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