The ‘Gold List’ – 2019/20 European (top 5) domestic leagues.

Europe’s best from Europe’s best leagues. (Top 5 Leagues)

 The top 5 on UEFA rankings

1 Spain – Spanish La Liga
2 England – English Premier League
3 Germany – German Bundesliga
4 Italy – Italian Serie A
5 France – French Ligue 1

In a year where a pandemic put everything on hold, football was no exception.

4816 goals scored in 1725 matches, 6 league top scorers and 3 defending champions.

Real Madrid won their 34th Spanish La Liga title after coming up short for two seasons. Liverpool won their 1st English Premier League title in style.
Bayern Munich became German Bundesliga for the 29th time(an 8th consecutive league title). Juventus won their 9th consecutive Italian Serie A title and the 36th league title. The French Ligue 1 was awarded to Paris St. Germain when the league decided not to risk playing football in a pandemic. It was Paris St. Germain’s 9th league title; and are now a title away from equalling Saint-Etienne record as the team with the most French league titles.


Lecce (Italian Serie A) 85 goals conceded /2.24 goals conceded per game (The highest)

Liverpool picked up 2.61 points per game and dropped 15 points in the English Premier League( the least amount dropped in a completed season), won 32 matches (the most), 3 league draws (the fewest in a completed season), 3 defeats (T-fewest defeats).

Manchester City’s 102 goals scored in the English Premier League was the most scored by any team in Europe’s T5. Their 3 draws also equalled the fewest in a completed season.

Norwich City scored just 26 goals in the English Premier League (fewest in a completed season). A rate of 0.68 goals per game.

Paris St. Germain’s 2 draws in the French Ligue 1 was technically the least in Europe, and their 3 defeats were also technically tied as the least number of defeats.

Real Madrid – 3 fewest(T- fewest defeats), 25 goals conceded at an average of 0.66 goal conceded per game. (the fewest conceded in a completed season)

SPAL dropped 94 points (the most), 28 defeats (the most). They had an average of 0.53 points per game (the least points per game in a completed season)

Toulouse – 0.46 least points per game from 3 wins (the fewest), scoring 22 goals (fewest goals scored) at 0.79 goals per game.


Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga)

They were the only other team in Europe to score 100+ goals; and they achieved this by player 4 matches fewer.

100 goals scored, 32 conceded, and dropping 20 points of the 102 points available in the German Bundesliga.Winning the German Bundesliga has become expected for Bayern Munich but this year, they did it with style and pushed away their competition in all areas that matter.

Bayern Munich also had the best goalscorer in the league and arguably the World in Robert Lewandowksi; Lewandowski probably missed out on winning the European Golden Boot because of the fewer games played in the German Bundesliga.

Liverpool (English Premier League)

It was hard to keep them quiet for the majority of the season.Liverpool went on an almost perfect run to win their first Premier League title. They won the league 18 points clear; 99 points in 38 matches, 85 goals scored and 32 wins. Liverpool won the Premier League title at the earliest round and on the latest date. After winning the UEFA Champions League in the 2018/19 season, the objective for the 2019/20 season was to win the Premier League, and they did that convincingly.

Paris Saint-Germain (French Ligue 1)

Despite not finishing their season, Paris St. Germain were rightfully awarded the French Ligue 1 title.
76 goals in just 27 games (a goal less that Juventus managed to score in 38 matches). 22 wins and 3 defeats. Only Bayern Munich had a better average goal per game in Eruope’s top 5 leagues than Paris St. Germain.

Juventus (Italian Serie A)

With a little help from the poor performance of their main competition, Juventus won their 9th consecutive title.
When it mattered, Juventus found a way to get the needed result. They managed an average of 2 goals per match, while conceding an average of 1.13 goals. They became champions at the end of the league title race by a single point.

Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga)

Real Madrid stayed perfect from the restart and picked up the title as Spanish champions.
Despite scoring 16 goals fewer than Barcelona, Real Madrid won the Spanish La Liga with their defensive performance, conceding 0.66 goals per match; the best record in Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Manchester City (English Premier League)

Manchester City failed to defend the title but remained the only real competition for Liverpool in the Premier League title race.
Their 102 goals scored in the English Premier League was the most scored by any team in Europe’s top 5 leagues.

Barcelona (Spanish La Liga)

After losing the El Clasico, Barcelona needed to be ahead on points against Real Madrid to win the league.
A drop in form after the restart of the season cost Barcelona their place at the top of the Spanish League table and eventually the league title.
Barcelona conceded an average of a goal per match.

Inter Milan (Italian Serie A)

Inter Milan ended up a point behind the Serie A title winners.
They are one of the few teams in Italy that look in position to deny Juventus a 10th consecutive season as Italian Serie A champions.
A few more tweaks to the team could see them break Juventus dominance in the league.

Borussia Dortmund (German Bundesliga)

Looking at how dominant Bayern Munich got over the season, coming behind them in the league is an accomplishment.
Borussia Dortmund came in behind Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga title race.

Atalanta (Italian Serie A)

An attacking machine – Atalanta’s 98 goals in the Italian Serie A was the most in the league. Conceding almost half as many goals didn’t help them move further up the league table but Atlanata won’t mind coming in 3rd-place.

14 different goal scorers in the league with Luis Muriela and Duvan Zapata leading the list.

Luis Muriel – 18 goals
Duván Zapata – 18 goals
Josip Iličić – 15 goals

RB Leipzig (German Bundesliga)

RB Leipzig allowed the ball to drop towards the end of the season after a start that had them in contention for the league title.
Finishing 3rd and securing a place in the Champions League was a good season for a team with a short footballing history in the league. The 12 defeats ended up causing a major dent in their season.

Marseille (French Ligue 1)

With 30 points still on the table, Marseille finished 2nd in Ligue 1, 6 points from third place Rennes and 7 points form 4th place Lille.

There was enough room for Marseille to move up and or drop from their position, but with just 4 defeats in 28 rounds could be an indication they would have seen off the season in the Champions League spot.

Lazio (Italian Serie A)

Lazio secured Champions League football after a 4th place finish in the Italian Serie A. It will be their return to the competition since 2007/08 season.

They were league title contenders before the season was put on break by the pandemic. After the restart of the season, they went on a 5-match winless run that took them out of contention. (5L 1D).

They finished the season with the European Golden Boot winner in Ciro Immobile. (36 goals).

Manchester United (English Premier League)

The signing of Bruno Fernandes from Sporting CP re-energized Manchester United.
12 defeats in the league isn’t good if you’re Manchester United.
Finishing 3rd in the league is in some way below expectation for the team budget, but above expectations for the results they had in the early parts of the season.

Atlético Madrid (Spanish La Liga)

Atletico Madrid finished third in the league but equaled the number of league defeats as relegation-threatened Celta Vigo.

Atletico Madrid’s season could have ended in a worse position that it did. They conceded over half of the goals they scored 27/51, and won two more matches than the matches they lost.

Borussia Mönchengladbach (German Bundesliga)

20 wins from 34 matches averaging 1.94 goals per game secured 65 points for Borussia Monchengladbach to finish in 4th place and qualify for the next edition of the UEFA Champions League. Not a bad season at all.

Chelsea (English Premier League)

They could have done better without suffering the 12 defeats in the league.
Chelsea with their youngsters managed a season that saw them finish in the top 4 in the Premier League with 66 points from 20 wins; with a transfer ban holding them back from improving their team’s weaknesses.

Liverpool (English Premier League) – 2.61 : Most points per game
Toulouse (French Ligue 1) – 0.46 : Least points per game
SPAL (Italian Serie A) – 0.53 : Least points per game in a completed season
PSG (French Ligue 1) – 13 : least points dropped
Liverpool (English Premier League) – 15 : least points dropped in a complete season

SPAL (Italian Serie A) – 94 : most points dropped
Liverpool (English Premier League) – 32 : most matches won
Toulouse (French Ligue 1) – 3 : fewest win
Paderborn (German Bundesliga) – 4 : fewest wins in a completed season
Celta Vigo (English La Liga) – 16 : most matches drawn
Atletico Madrid (English La Liga) – 16 : most matches drawn
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) – 2 : Least matches drawn

Manchester City (English Premier League) – 3 : Least matches drawn in a completed season
Liverpool (English Premier League) – 3 : Least matches drawn in a completed season
SPAL (Italian Serie A) – 28 : mos defeats
Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1) – 3 : fewest defeat (in 27 games)
Liverpool (English Premier League) – 3 : fewest defeat
Real Madrid (English La Liga) – 3 : fewest defeat
Manchester City (English Premier League) – 102 : most goals
Toulouse (French Ligue 1) – 22 : fewest goals

Norwich (English Premier League) – 26 : fewest goals in a completed season
Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga) – 2.94 : most goals per game
Norwich City (English Premier League) – 0.68 : fewest goals per game
Toulouse (French Ligue 1) – 0.79 : fewest goals per game in 28 games
Lecce (Italian Serie A) – 85 : most goals conceded
Reims (French Ligue 1) – 21 : least goals conceded
Real Madrid (English La Liga) – 25 : least goals conceded in a completed season
Lecce (Italian Serie A) – 2.24 : highest average goals conceded per match
Real Madrid (English La Liga) – 0.66 : least average goals conceded per match

How the ‘Promoted’ teams performed. 

German Bundesliga

Paderborn came bottom of the German Bundesliga after amounting just 4 wins in 34 rounds; losing 22 and a goal difference of minus 37. They gained as many points as Bayern Munich dropped (20).
Union Berlin and FC Koln extended their stay in the top flight.
Union Berlin finished in the best position of the promoted teams (11th) with 41 points from 12 wins and 5 draws. FC Koln finished 3 positions behind (14th) with 5 points fewer.

Union Berlin 34(MP) – 12(W) – 5(D) – 17(L) – 41 pts
FC Köln 34(MP) – 10(W) – 6(D) – 18(L) – 36 pts
Paderborn 34(MP) – 4(W) – 8(D) – 22(L) – 20 pts

Spanish La Liga

Granada and Osasuna finished in the top half of the Spanish La Liga standings.
Granada were the best performers from the promoted three teams in the 2019/20 Spanish La Liga. They finished in 7th place with 56 points and a +7 goals difference, from 16 win and 8 draws
13 wins and draws gave Osasuna the 52 points to finish 10th in the league.
23 defeats didn’t give Mallorca the chance to extend their stay at the top flight.

Granada 38(MP) – 16(W) – 8(D) – 14(L) – 56 pts
Osasuna 38(MP) – 13(W) – 13(D) – 12(L) – 52 pts
Mallorca 38(MP) – 9(W) – 6(D) – 23(L) – 33 pts

Italian Serie A

Hellas Verona was the best performing side among the newly promoted teams in the 2019/20 Italian Serie A. The finished in the top half of the league table (9th) on 49 points from 12 win and 13 draws. The fellow promoted teams were both relegated (Lecce and Brescia). Lecce put in a fight in the final round of the season to postpone the relegation till the final day of the season.

Hellas Verona 38(MP) – 12(W) – 13(D) – 13(L) – 49 pts
Lecce 38(MP) – 9(W) – 8(D) – 21(L) – 35 pts
Brescia 38(MP) – 6(W) – 7(D) – 25(L) – 25 pts

English Premier League

In the final rounds of the season, Aston Villa managed to find the escape from relegation; joining Sheffield United in safety and leaving Norwich City to be the only team among the promoted three to go back down.

Sheffield United 38(MP) – 14(W) – 12(D) – 12(L) – 54 pts
Aston Villa 38(MP) – 9(W) – 8(D) – 21(L) – 35 pts
Norwich City 38(MP) – 5(W) – 6(D) – 27(L) – 21 pts

French Ligue 1

Brest and Metz stayed up in the French Ligue 1 with an almost identical record after 28 matches – 34 points from 8 wins – 10 draws – 10 defeats. Goal difference was what separates the two.

Brest 28(MP) – 8(W) – 10(D) – 10(L) – 34 pts
Metz 28(MP) – 8(W) – 10(D) – 10(L) – 34 pts

The Relegated teams from 2019/20 season. 

Norwich City*
Fortuna Dusseldorf

2020 MGSVfutbol (club)
Gold List

1. Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga) – 517.88 points
2. Liverpool (English Premier League) – 480.05 points
3. Paris Saint Germain (French Ligue 1) – 401.69 points

4. Juventus (Italian Serie A) – 359.29 points
5. Real Madrid (Spanish La Liga) – 354.13 points
6. Manchester City (English Premier League) – 236.22 points

7. Barcelona (Spanish La Liga) – 198.29 points
8. Inter Milan (Italian Serie A) – 186.80 points
9. Borussia Dortmund (German Bundesliga) – 184.28 points
10. Atalanta (Italian Serie A) – 145.28 points
11. RB Leipzig (German Bundesliga) – 113.03 points

12. Marseille (French Ligue 1) – 94.02 points
13. Lazio (Italian Serie A) – 87.09 points
14. Manchester United (English Premier League) – 82.42 points
15. Atlético Madrid (Spanish La Liga) – 71.80 points

16. Borussia Mönchengladbach (German Bundesliga) – 68.10 points
17. Chelsea (English Premier League) – 64.98 points
18. Roma (Italian Serie A) – 61.19 points
19. Sevilla (Spanish La Liga) – 56.17 points
20. Rennes (French Ligue 1) – 52.02 points

21. Bayer Leverkusen (German Bundesliga) – 49.04 points
22. Leicester City (English Premier League) – 47.46 points
23. Villarreal (Spanish La Liga) – 43.44 points
24. AC Milan (Italian Serie A) – 39.68 points
25. Lille (French Ligue 1) – 36.13 points
26. Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League) – 34.25 points
27. Napoli (Italian Serie A) – 31.01 points
28. Real Sociedad (Spanish La Liga) – 30.18 points
29. Hoffenheim (German Bundesliga) – 29.52 points


30. Nice (French Ligue 1) – 26.18 points
31. Sassuolo (Italian Serie A) – 25.97 points
32. Wolves (English Premier League) – 25.01 points
33. Granada (Spanish La Liga) – 24.24 points
34. Arsenal (English Premier League) – 22.38 points
35. Wolfsburg (German Bundesliga) – 21.63 points

36. Eintracht Frankfurt (German Bundesliga) – 19.44 points
37. Lyon (French Ligue 1) – 18.74 points
38. Freiburg (German Bundesliga) – 18.57 points
39. Getafe (Spanish La Liga) – 17.42 points
40. Valencia (Spanish La Liga) – 15.96 points
41. Reims (French Ligue 1) – 15.67 points
42. Monaco (French Ligue 1) – 15.26 points
43. Hellas Verona (Italian Serie A) – 14.81 points
44. Sheffield United (English Premier League) – 14.53 points
45. Parma (Italian Serie A) – 14.52 points
46. Fiorentina (Italian Serie A) – 14.36 points
47. Southampton (English Premier League) – 14.06 points
48. Burnley (English Premier League) – 14.04 points
49. Montpellier (French Ligue 1) – 13.99 points

50. Osasuna (Spanish La Liga) – 13.98 points
51. Hertha Berlin (German Bundesliga) – 12.82 points
52. Bologna (Italian Serie A) – 11.77 points
53. Athletic Club (Spanish La Liga) – 11.43 points
54. Levante (Spanish La Liga) – 11.28 points
55. Everton (English Premier League) – 10.59 points
56. Strasbourg (French Ligue 1) – 10.25 points
57. Union Berlin (German Bundesliga) – 10.08 points

58. Cagliari (Italian Serie A) – 9.67 points
59. Bordeaux (French Ligue 1) – 9.58 points
60. FC Köln (German Bundesliga) – 8.90 points
61. Angers (French Ligue 1) – 8.47 points
62. Mainz (German Bundesliga) – 8.32 points
63. Schalke (German Bundesliga) – 8.02 points
64. Sampdoria (Italian Serie A) – 7.94 points
65. Udinese (Italian Serie A) – 7.79 points
66. Newcastle United (English Premier League) – 7.69 points
67. Real Betis (Spanish La Liga) – 7.66 points
68. Augsburg (German Bundesliga) – 7.11 points
69. West Ham United (English Premier League) – 7.08 points

70. Eibar (Spanish La Liga) – 6.96 points
71. Torino (Italian Serie A) – 6.80 points
72. Nantes (French Ligue 1) – 6.76 points
73. Brest (French Ligue 1) – 6.46 points
74. Genoa (Italian Serie A) – 6.36 points
75. Valladolid (Spanish La Liga) – 6.34 points
76. Lecce (Italian Serie A) – 6.24 points
77. Brighton (English Premier League) – 6.22 points
78. Crystal Palace (English Premier League) – 6.07 points
79. Werder Bremen (German Bundesliga) – 5.51 points
80. Alavés (Spanish La Liga) – 5.03 points
81. Aston Villa (English Premier League) – 5.03 points
82. Metz (French Ligue 1) – 5.01 points

83. Celta Vigo (Spanish La Liga) – 4.65 points
84. Bournemouth (English Premier League) – 4.53 points
85. Mallorca (Spanish La Liga) – 4.20 points
86. Fortuna Düsseldorf (German Bundesliga) – 4.15 points
87. Saint Étienne (French Ligue 1) – 4.13 points
88. Dijon (French Ligue 1) – 4.07 points
89. Watford (English Premier League) – 3.82 points
90. Leganés (Spanish La Liga) – 3.65 points
91. Nîmes (French Ligue 1) – 3.50 points
92. Paderborn (German Bundesliga) – 3.11 points
93. Amiens (French Ligue 1) – 3.01 points

94. Brescia (Italian Serie A) – 2.88 points
95. Espanyol (Spanish La Liga) – 2.03 points
96. SPAL (Italian Serie A) – 1.74 points
97. Norwich City (English Premier League) – 1.72 points
98. Toulouse (French Ligue 1) – 1.31 points

2019/20 Leading Goalscorers (Double digit goals scored) from Europe’s top 5 leagues.

Ciro Immobile (Lazio / Italian Serie A) 36 goals
Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich / German Bundesliga) 34 goals
Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus / Italian Serie A) 31 goals
Timo Werner (RB Leipzig / German Bundesliga) 28 goals
Lionel Messi (Barcelona / Spanish La Liga) 25 goals
Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan / Italian Serie A) 23 goals
Jamie Vardy (Leicester City / English Premier League) 23 goals
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal / English Premier League) 22 goals
Danny Ings (Southampton / English Premier League) 22 goals
Francesco Caputo (Sassuolo / Italian Serie A) 21 goals
Karim Benzema (Real Madrid / Spanish La Liga) 21 goals
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City / English Premier League) 20 goals

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool / English Premier League) 19 goals
Luis Muriel (Atalanta / Italian Serie A) 18 goals
João Pedro (Cagliari / Italian Serie A) 18 goals
Duván Zapata (Atalanta / Italian Serie A) 18 goals
Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur / English Premier League) 18 goals
Sadio Mané (Liverpool / English Premier League) 18 goals
Gerard Moreno (Villarreal / Spanish La Liga) 18 goals
Wissam Ben Yedder (Monaco / French Ligue 1) 18 goals
Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain / French Ligue 1) 18 goals
Raúl Jiménez (Wolves / English Premier League) 17 goals
Anthony Martial (Manchester United / English Premier League) 17 goals
Marcus Rashford (Manchester United / English Premier League) 17 goals
Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund / German Bundesliga) 17 goals
Andrea Belotti (Torino / Italian Serie A) 16 goals
Edin Džeko (Roma / Italian Serie A) 16 goals
Sergio Aguero (Manchester City / English Premier League) 16 goals
Luis Suárez (Barcelona / Spanish La Liga) 16 goals
Wout Weghorst (Wolfsburg / German Bundesliga) 16 goals
Moussa Dembélé (Lyon / French Ligue 1) 16 goals
Josip Iličić (Atalanta / Italian Serie A) 15 goals
Tammy Abraham (Chelsea / English Premier League) 15 goals
Raúl García (Athletic Bilbao / Spanish La Liga) 15 goals
Rouwen Hennings (Fortuna Düsseldorf / German Bundesliga) 15 goals

Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo / Italian Serie A) 14 goals
Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan / Italian Serie A) 14 goals
Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City / English Premier League) 14 goals
Chirs Wood (Burnley / English Premier League) 14 goals
Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo / Spanish La Liga) 14 goals
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla / Spanish La Liga) 14 goals
Marco Mancosu (Lecce / Italian Serie A) 13 goals
Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Everton / English Premier League) 13 goals
Ricahlison (Everton / English Premier League) 13 goals
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City / English Premier League) 13 goals
Ante Budimir (Mallorca / Spanish La Liga) 13 goals
Jhon Córdoba (FC Köln / German Bundesliga) 13 goals
Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund / German Bundesliga) 13 goals
Florian Niederlechner (Augsburg / German Bundesliga) 13 goals
Robin Quaison (Mainz / German Bundesliga) 13 goals
Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain / French Ligue 1) 13 goals
Victor Osimhen (Lille / French Ligue 1) 13 goals
Andreas Cornelius (Parma / Italian Serie A) 12 goals
Giovanni Simeone (Cagliari / Italian Serie A) 12 goals
Andrea Petagna (SPAL / Italian Serie A) 12 goals
Álvaro Morata (Atlético Madrid / Spanish La Liga) 12 goals
Sebastian Andersson (Union Berlin / German Bundesliga) 12 goals
Serge Gnabry (Bayern Munich / German Bundesliga) 12 goals
Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen / German Bundesliga) 12 goals
Andrej Kramarić (Hoffenheim / German Bundesliga) 12 goals
André Silva (Eintracht Frankfurt / German Bundesliga) 12 goals
Habib Diallo (Metz / French Ligue 1) 12 goals
Mauro Icardi (Paris Saint-Germain / French Ligue 1) 12 goals

Ante Rebic (AC Milan / Italian Serie A) 11 goals
Arkadiusz Milik (Napoli / Italian Serie A) 11 goals
Jeremie Boga (Sassuolo / Italian Serie A) 11 goals
Manolo Gabbiadini (Sampdoria / Italian Serie A) 11 goals
Paulo Dybala (Juventus / Italian Serie A) 11 goals
Gianluca Lapadula (Lecce / Italian Serie A) 11 goals
Fabio Quagliarella (Sampdoria / Italian Serie A) 11 goals
Heung-Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur / English Premier League) 11 goals
Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City / English Premier League) 11 goals
Teemu Pukki (Norwich City / English Premier League) 11 goals
Santi Cazorla (Villarreal / Spanish La Liga) 11 goals
Willian José (Real Sociedad / Spanish La Liga) 11 goals
Joselu (Alavés / Spanish La Liga) 11 goals
Jaime Mata (Getafe / Spanish La Liga) 11 goals
Lucas Pérez (Alavés / Spanish La Liga) 11 goals
Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid / Spanish La Liga) 11 goals
Roger (Levante / Spanish La Liga) 11 goals
Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund / German Bundesliga) 11 goals
Nils Petersen (Freiburg / German Bundesliga) 11 goals
Darío Benedetto (Marseille / French Ligue 1) 11 goals
Kasper Dolberg (Nice / French Ligue 1) 11 goals

Kevin Lasagna (Udinese / Italian Serie A) 10 goals
Dejan Kulusevksi (Parma / Italian Serie A) 10 goals
Federico Chiesa (Fiorentina / Italian Serie A) 10 goals
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan / Italian Serie A) 10 goals
Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal / English Premier League) 10 goals
Mason Greenwood (Manchester United / English Premier League) 10 goals
Michail Antonio (West Ham United / English Premier League) 10 goals
Neal Maupay (Brighton / English Premier League) 10 goals
Tory Deeney (Watford / English Premier League) 10 goals
Loren Moron (Real Betis / Spanish La Liga) 10 goals
Maxi Gomex (Valencia / Spanish La Liga) 10 goals
Angel Rodriguez (Getafe / Spanish La Liga) 10 goals
Carlos Fernandez (Granada / Spanish La Liga) 10 goals
Mikel Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad / Spanish La Liga) 10 goals
Alassane Plea (Borussia Monchengladbach / German Bundesliga) 10 goals
Kevin Volland (Bayer Leverkusen / German Bundesliga) 10 goals
Marcus Thuram (Borussia Monchengladbach / German Bundesliga) 10 goals
Patrik Schick (RB Leipzig / German Bundesliga) 10 goals
Denis Bouanga (Saint-Étienne / French Ligue 1) 10 goals
M’Baye Niang (Rennes / French Ligue 1) 10 goals

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