World Cup Qualifications

Round 7-8 of the UEFA 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

80% of the UEFA World Cup qualifiers in this round will be played on this International break and the teams know their objectives.

While some teams are hoping to at least make it into the playoff round to battle for the final four spots given to UEFA teams in the FIFA World Cup,  Luxembourg, San Marino, Malta, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Finland, and Kosovo have already clocked out of the qualifiers. These teams will likely be joined by Kazakhstan, Norway, Latvia, Andorra, Faroe Islands, and few more teams by the end of the 8th round.

The 9 group winner qualifies for the World Cup. The best 8 second-placed teams from the group stage will go into playoff battle for the final 4 spots for UEFA World Cup seed.

Group A

31 August 2017

Bulgaria v Sweden

France v Netherlands

Luxembourg v Belarus


3 September 2017

Belarus v Sweden

Netherlands v Bulgaria

France v Luxembourg


Group B

31 August 2017

Hungary v Latvia

Portugal v Faroe Islands

Switzerland   v Andorra


3 September 2017

Faroe Islands v Andorra

Hungary v Portugal

Latvia v  Switzerland


Group C

1 September 2017

Czech Republic v Germany

Norway v Azerbaijan

San Marino v Northern Ireland


4 September 2017

Azerbaijan v San Marino

Germany v Norway

Northern Ireland v Czech Republic


Group D

2 September 2017

Georgia v Republic of Ireland

Serbia v Moldova

Wales v Austria


5 September 2017

Austria v Georgia

Moldova v Wales

Republic of Ireland v Serbia


Group E

1 September 2017

Kazakhstan v Montenegro

Denmark v Poland

Romania v Armenia


4 September 2017

Armenia v Denmark

Montenegro v Romania

Poland v Kazakhstan


Group F

1 September 2017

Lithuania v Scotland

Malta v England

Slovakia v Slovenia


4 September 2017

England v Slovakia

Scotland v Malta

Slovenia v Lithuania


Group G

2 September 2017

Albania v Liechtenstein

Israel v Macedonia

Spain v Italy


5 September 2017

Italy v Israel

Liechtenstein v Spain

Macedonia v Albania


Group H

31 August 2017

Belgium v Gibraltar

Cyprus v Bosnia and Herzegovina

Greece v Estonia


3 September 2017

Estonia v Cyprus

Greece v Belgium

Gibraltar v Bosnia and Herzegovina



Group I

2 September 2017

Croatia v Kosovo

Finland v Iceland

Ukraine v Turkey


5 September 2017

Iceland v Ukraine

Kosovo v Finland

Turkey v Croatia

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