Paris St. Germain stretched their winning streak to 6 in the French Ligue 1


1. Paris St. Germain – 15 points
2. Marseille* – 13 points
3. Lens – 12 points
4. Angers – 11 points
5. Nice* – 10 points
6. Clermont – 9 points
7. Lorient – 9 points
8. Montpellier – 8 points
9. Lyon – 8 points
10. Nantes – 7 points
11. Reims – 7 points
12. Strasbourg – 7 points
13. Troyes – 5 points
14. Monaco – 5 points
15. Lille – 5 points
16. Rennes – 5 points
17. Bordeaux – 5 points
18. Brest – 4 points
19. Saint-Etienne – 3points
20. Metz – 3 points

Paris St. Germains lead increased by a point to 5 points. They are the only team in the French Ligue 1 with a perfect winning start to the season.
Marseille moved up a position to replace Angers in second place, while Angers were lost at home against Nantes, Marseille got the job done against Rennes.
Lens used a victory against Lille to move up 2 positions to 3rd. Nice dropped points in a draw with Monaco and fall out of the ‘top four’. Angers dropped to fourth, while Monaco moved up three positions to 14th.

Saint-Etienne remained in the relegation zone after another defeat; while Metz became the new team at the bottom of the league table after a 3-0 defeat at Strasbourg.
Bordeaux used their win against Saint-Etienne to get up from the bottom of the standings.

Lyon’s defeat to Paris St. Germain dropped them down two positions to 9th.

LEADING SCORERS: Four players are with 4 goals each.
Kylian Mabppe (Paris St. Germain), Moussa Dembele (Lyon), Amine Gouiri (Nice), Elbasan Rashani (Clermont Foot).

Strasbourg 3-0 Metz
Lens 1-0 Lille
Saint-Etienne 1-2 Bordeaux
Nice 2-2 Monaco
Angers 1-4 Nantes
Clermont Foot 1-1 Brest
Reims 0-0 Lorient
Troyes 1-1 Montpellier
Marseille 2-0 Rennes
Paris St. Germain 2-1 Lyon

Habibou Diallo added two goals to Ludovic Ajorque’s early goal from the penalty spot to give Strasbourg a 3-0 first half lead that lasted till the final whistle. Strasbourg doubled their victories to leave Metz winless.

Lens remained unbeaten while extending the terrible start Lille has had in their title defense.
Przemyslow Frankowski scored the only goal of the game in the 74th minute to get lens a consecutive league victory. Lille have suffered defeat in half the games played.

Ui-Jo Hwang’s goals got Bordeaux their first victory of the season. Hwang scored his second in the 80th minute to restore the lead he had given Bordeaux after Wahbi Khazri scored an equalizing goal in the 73rd minute.
Saint-Etienne are six games in without a win.

Paris St. Germain’s winning start stretched to six matches after Neymar’s penalty and a late injury-time goal from Mauro Icardi brought them from a goal down to beat Lyon.

Marielle picked up their fourth win in their fifth completed game of new season.

Angers first defeat came at home against Nantes. Monaco and Nice shared points from a 2-2 draw. This was the first point dropped in a game for Nice since the opening round

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