Palmeiras and Flamengo make it an all-Brazil final for the 2021 Copa Libertadores title.


Since the finale stopped being a two-legged fixture, only Brazilian clubs have been the champions; and it’s not going to change this year.


The first leg of the Copa Libertadores semifinals indicates an all-Brazil finale. It’s looking like a “Flamengo vs ________”
Judging by their first leg performances, Flamengo and Atletico Mineiro were favorites to make the final, but Atletico Mineiro were replaced by Palmeiras after a technical victory through the away-goal rule.


A goal a piece in the second half of the second leg got Palmeiras through the semifinal by the away-goal rule.
Palmeiras quest to defend their Copa Libertadores title continued after Dudu scored a 68th minute equalizing goal to cancel the lead Eduardo Vargas had given Atletico Mineiro in the 52nd minute.
On the balance of play in both legs, Atletico Mineiro might feel hard done by the final outcome.


Bruno Henrique scored twice in the second leg to replicate the result of the firs-leg and ger Flamengo to the final with through a 4-0 aggregate win against Barcelona SC.

Bruno Henrique responsible for all four goals


The 2021 Copa Libertadores final
Palmeiras vs Flamengo
November 27, 2021

Palmeiras and Flamengo will have about two months to prepare for this fixture.

As reigning champions, Palmeiras are heading to the final to keep the title for another year.  Both clubs will be going to the final in search of their third Copa Libertadores title.

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