It’s Liverpool’s game; and it’s not looking like they are planning on passing the controls anytime soon.


Liverpool’s dominance
Liverpool have their grip on the Premier League title at the halfway mark of the 2019/20 English Premier League season.

With a match in hand, Liverpool is 13 points clear at the top of the league; and 14 points above the defending champions Manchester City.
They’ve would have gone through their opening 20 matches in the league without a blemish if they hadn’t dropped two points at Old Trafford.


Liverpool is unbeaten, 19 wins from 20 matches. – the only unbeaten side in Europe’s top 5 leagues, with the most wins, and as expected the most points.

They currently come second in the Premier League (and in Europe’s top 5 leagues) when it comes to goals scored on the other end, but Liverpool is top when it comes to avoiding goals being scored on their end. 14 goals conceded is the fewest in the league.



Even though Paris St. Germain (French Ligue 1), Inter Milan (Italian Serie A), and Juventus (Italian Serie A) have played two fewer matches than Liverpool, there is a maximum of 6 points for each club against the current 13 points lead Liverpool has on them.


Liverpool’s 49 goals scored is tied with Barcelona (Spanish La Liga) and just 1 goal more than that of RB Leipzig (German Bundesliga), and Atalanta (Italian Serie A). However, Barcelona (19), RB Leipzig (17), and Atalanta (18) have all played fewer matches than Liverpool (20).

When it comes to games won, no team is close to Liverpool with the win percentage of 95%. With 0% in losses.

The titles that are currently being held by Liverpool

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Super Cup
FIFA Club World Cup

The competition they are alive in

Premier League – current league leaders
Champions League – vs Atletico Madrid (Round of 16)
English FA Cup – vs Bristol City/Shrewsbury Town

From where we stand, it is virtually impossible for Liverpool to 2020 without winning a trophy.
They are getting the right results from playing the right kind of football, with a manager that keeps the team energized.

Should Liverpool do what is now expected and win the Premier League, it will be Liverpool’s first Premier League trophy and the first time as English Champions since 1990.

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