UEFA Champions League

Gearing up for the second round of the UEFA Champions League.



Young Boys, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus, Dortmund, Sheriff, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Ajax started with three points. Manchester United missed the opportunity to make all of the English Premier League teams winners in the opening round.

It’s Round two of the group stage.
The teams that had a good start will work on the continuation of it, and those that failed have a chance to make amends and stop it from being a deep cut.



Paris St. Germain vs Manchester City
On paper, these are the two heavyweights in Group A.
Manchester City started their campaign with a win; something Paris St. Germain couldn’t do. A ‘6-3’ win at home against RB Leipzig has Manchester City coming to this match as the current leaders in Group A.
Paris St. Germain might not have had the start expected of them in Belgium against Club Brugge, but they have this fixture as an opportunity to do what Manchester City did and make it a winning start at home.

RB Leipzig vs Club Brugge
While Paris St. Germain and Manchester City go for the points, RB Leipzig will hope to get points on the board when they host Club Brugge.

Despite being the only side to suffer defeat in Group A in the opening round, RB Leipzig is currently the second in the group when it comes to goals scored. They scored three in their defeat against Manchester City.

Club Brugge has proven in the first round to have what it takes to nullify attacks and create their own in a counter. As flying in attack as RB Leipzig might think of themselves in recent weeks, they will need to be careful when Club Brugge comes to town.


AC Milan vs Atletico Madrid
Recent history will give Atletico Madrid the edge in this tie but AC Milan has the credentials to be considered favorites as well.
This is a hard fixture to call and should get your attention even if you’re a neutral.

A narrow 3-2 defeat at Anfield against the Group’s favorite is why AC Milan is at the bottom of the standings in Group B. They will play host to an Atletico Madrid side that picked up a draw at home against Porto in the first round.
AC Milan made it a contest against away against Liverpool to signal their intent when they are in front of their home supporters for their first Champions League match since 2014.

Porto vs Liverpool
Judging by their recent meetings in the Champions League, this will likely be another Liverpool victory; unless Porto has something up their sleeves this time around.

In GROUP C, the winners in the first round will play as hosts to the losers.
Ajax will host Besiktas.
Dortmund will host Sporting CP.
Ajax and Dortmund are in the position to double their lead and create a table of ‘two halves.


Inter Milan deserved more than the defeat to Real Madrid in the first round. They go away against a Shakhtar Donetsk side that lost to Sherriff Tiraspol in the first round.
If debutant Sheriff Tiraspol can collect three points from playing Shakhtar Donetsk, then Inter Milan will be expected to do the same.
Real Madrid (the most successful club in the competition) will be playing at home against Sheriff Tiraspol (a debutant / first Moldovan team to play the Champions League group stage). Any other outcome but a Real Madrid victory will be an upset.

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Inter Milan
Real Madrid vs Sheriff Tiraspol



Sadly, losing to Bayern Munich at Camp Nou was expected for Barcelona in the first round. Barcelona will go to Benfica in search of the points to make up for the dropped points against Bayern Munich.
Barcelona is the only side in Group E without points.

Bayern Munich is home against Dynamo Kyiv. The expectation is for Bayern to make it two wins from two.

Benfica vs Barcelona
Bayern Munich vs Dynamo Kyiv.


Young Boys ended the first round as the only winner in Group F after getting three points at home from a win against Manchester United.
They go away to Italy against an Atalanta side that knows how to get goals.
Atalanta and Villarreal shared the points after a 2-2 draw in the first round. Both teams will go in search of their first win this round.

Villarreal will be away against the Manchester United team they beat in the 2020/21 Europa League final. Manchester United needs a victory at home against Villarreal to revenge the defeat in the Europa League final; and also make up for their defeat in the opening round.

Manchester United vs Villarreal
Atalanta vs Young Boys.


It was projected to be the most evenly balanced of the groups in terms of the strengths of the clubs; and it lived up to the expectation after the first round.
All the teams in Group G are on 1 point after one match.
Salzburg and Sevilla are leading the group because they scored goals in their draw.

Salzburg vs Lille.
Wolfsburg vs Sevilla.


Juventus and Chelsea lead the way in Group H after winning the opening round.
The two giants in the group will face each other for the next three points.
Judging by the domestic form of both teams and the fact that Chelsea is the reigning champions, Juventus might not be the favorites at home.
For Zenit and Malmo, this is the game they should both have on their planner as “the game to pick points”.

Juventus vs Chelsea
Zenit vs Malmo

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