CONCACAF- World Cup qualifiers


These are the six nations left to compete for a place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Every team will have the opportunity to play the other in a home and away fixture.

In the end, the top three teams will have directly qualify to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The team to end up in fourth place will have another chance of qualification by playing the final fifth place finisher from the AFC World Cup qualifiers.


Final Round of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers

  1. Mexico

  2. Costa Rica

  3. Panama

  4. Trinidad and Tobago

  5. USA

  6. Honduras


November 11, 2016

United States – Mexico

Honduras – Panamá

Trinidad and Tobago – Costa Rica


November 15, 2016

Costa Rica – United States

Panama – Mexico

Honduras – Trinidad and Tobago


March 24, 2017

United States – Honduras

Trinidad and Tobago – Panama

Mexico – Costa Rica


March 28, 2017

Panama – United States

Honduras – Costa Rica

Trinidad and Tobago – Mexico


7 or 8 June, 2017

United States – Trinidad and Tobago

Costa Rica – Panama

Mexico – Honduras


11 or 12 June, 2017

Mexico – United States

Panama – Honduras

Costa Rica – Trinidad and Tobago


1 September, 2017

United States – Costa Rica

Mexico – Panama

Trinidad and Tobago – Honduras


5 September, 2017

Honduras – United States

Panama – Trinidad and Tobago

Costa Rica – Mexico


6 October, 2017

United States – Panama

Costa Rica – Honduras

Mexico – Trinidad and Tobago


10 October, 2017

Trinidad and Tobago – United States

Panama – Costa Rica

Honduras – Mexico

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